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Maximizing Space of Craft Room & Home Office Space

Our client needed a creative and productive space designed and organized ASAP. This is what our team did for her.

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Sharing the vision for the craft room

Our client wanted to make her craft room a place to be able to work on her small business and ignite creativity. During the initial consultation, she showed us all the ideas and vision she had for this space. After hearing our suggestions, she immediately felt ready to transform the room as soon as possible.

Making ideas happen

Our client already had furniture and containers she wanted to repurpose. We were so excited! We love repurposing. To help her make the most of the containers and style she already had, we purchased items that would complement the style.

The result was an organized space optimized for storage, creativity and functionality. We labeled everything, so that she would get used to the system quickly. One of te big wins of optimizing her organizing system was that the space she had available to work and create was maximized. It was comfortable, quick to maintain orderly and easily adaptable for her.

Products used in this project:

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