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Organized and Decluttered an Entire Home of over 3,000 SF

Having a baby on the way and a home full of kids pushed our client to hire us to get her home decluttered and organized.

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Getting ready for a big change

Our beautiful client hired us to purge and organize her entire home. She was pregnant with baby number 4 and felt so overwhelemed she was ready to move out of her home and start fresh! She knew there were many items in her home she wanted to get rid of and she wanted to start ASAP. She is also a very busy women. With her children, family activities and work, she needed a company she could trust to make the decluttering and organizing process seemless.

The Consultation and the goals for the project

Our client was clear from the begining, she wanted every inch of her home decluttered and orgniainzed and she was on a time crunch. Her baby was due next month so she needed someone who could make it happen in time before the baby arrived. She wanted to have areas cleared so she could make space for the baby but also know hwere everything was in her home so she wouldn't feel so overwhelmed when baby was home.

We went through room by room, closet by closet and listened to her ideas and needs. She was ready for a fresh start. One of the key factors for success, in projects like this, is to invest wisely on certain containers to really maximize your space and allow areas to stay organized through the years ahead.

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Our team focussed on making sure every item in her home was what the family wanted to keep. Everything else, we discarded or donated for her. We ensured the process was smooth and easy for her so that the project would feel more like a blessing and help than another burden.

We invested time and effort creating a detailed system in all the areas of the home to ensure everyone knew where everything is and how to find it. This simple, yet effective method, allows our clients to enjoy organized spaces even months after we have finished.

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