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Fall in Love with the Ultimate Closet Organization Solution

Our team helped organize two closets to help reduce stress and optimize our client's already busy daily schedule.

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The challenge

Closets are one of the most popular request from our clients. Piles of clothes can be often found and are a common challenge to overcome for them. Gladly, our client was ready to declutter and organize her two closets and the result was just perfect *chef's kiss*. To begin the delightful process, we want to to make the most out of one session, so we took a team of 3 professional organizers with us.

Pretty closets for the win!

Previous to the team arriving, our client had already pilled and declutter a lot of stuff. This is CRITICAL because it sets the project up for success. Then, we dedicated all of our time and energy to optimize her closet organization system. We utilized all the available space, vertically and horizontally, for easy access to her items and a system to easily switch clothing by seasons. In addition, the collection of shoes is displayed and store properly adding a bit of glam to the final result.

Areas organized:

  • Master bedroom closet

  • Guest closet

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team of professional organizers – JO Organizing

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