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Where many see a mess, we see an organizing-paradise.

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Johamy—Jo for short—studied Elementary Education at Brigham Young University before she found her passion for organizing. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Jo and her husband moved to Dallas shortly after they got married in 2014. After having four kids in less than three years, Jo felt the need to adopt organizing systems in her household that would create order and work for her growing family. She soon felt the effects of an organized home—less stress and more harmony—and this is when she found her true passion for organization. Jo is on a mission to help others feel and experience the same benefits which is why she founded JO Organizing in 2017.

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Angela is a key player on the JO Organizing team as she is a dedicated organizer. In her spare time, Angela would organize her closet so that her wardrobe was grouped in a method that made sense for her needs. When she ran out of areas to organize in her own home, she turned to her friends and family’s homes and blessed them with her talents. What started as a labor of love for her family and friends soon turned into Angela’s career. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, cooking, working out, and spending time with her family.

Jennifer Professional Oganizer



Jennifer is a proud Air Force wife and mother of two who understands how important it is to have good organization systems in place. With her family constantly on the move, she soon realized the benefits of frequently decluttering her home. Jennifer remembers spending her Saturday mornings organizing her family’s junk drawer and cabinets which would soon bleed into her adulthood. She takes joy in bringing harmony to our client’s homes through organizing their spaces. Jennifer enjoys crafting and spending time outside with her two kids, dog, and three cats in her spare time.

Justice Professional Organizer



Justice is driven by a passion for organizing which makes her a secret weapon for the JO Organizing team. She takes pride in providing functional areas for our clients to utilize. As a professional organizer, her goals include delivering an area that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming. She loves seeing how a clean, organized home can bring joy to our clients. 

Holly Professional Oganizer



As an entrepreneur and mother of four, Holly thrives in environments where she is helping others. Holly is a firm believer that a well organized space is the key to maximizing your efficiency and unlocking your fullest potential. She holds a bachelors of science in Psychology and enjoys teaching, working with special needs children, and has a passion for the arts. 

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Organizing helps. And when JO did it, the results were not just good: they last. That’s the best part about her system. Sustainable space helps those of us who struggle maintain the beautiful results. And she’s fast!

Mary Ann - Cedar Hill TX

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