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Professional Organizer Pricing Explained: Hourly, Packages, Project-Based, or Retainer? How to Find Your Perfect Fit.

Professional organizing Pricing explained. Hourly, package, project? How to find the perfect fit.

Sure, you can grab a trash bag and start throwing away things you don’t need anymore. Or you could go to the store and purchase some containers to group everything together. Both steps are a small part of creating an organizing system that keeps your home tidy and your mind at peace. Simplifying your life often begins with decluttering but what comes after is the key to success—organizing systems.

Streamlining your organizing systems can be daunting if you do it alone. For others, it’s as natural as cooking great meals.  As professional organizers, we are more like the latter. We not only enjoy organizing things, we get excited when we see a mess! We see the importance of creating functional living spaces, especially for busy women who need simplicity. If your schedule is busy with activities, meal prep, house chores, etc, we get it. You need help every-single-day. Professional organizing systems can assist tremendously to make life easier and enjoy peace-of-mind at home. 

One aspect that often raises curiosity is the pricing when hiring a professional organizer. The organizing industry is very new, so businesses often price their services depending on many factors. For example, a solo-preneur who’s starting her organizing business may charge little to nothing just to keep the business going or to make extra income on the weekends. On the other hand, there are franchises in our industry that work at a multi-state level with more employees and services than the first example. So it all depends on what they can offer you to make your life easier and in your budget. 

It's important to know and understand the different types of pricing structures for professional organizing services and packages. We will now break down the ins and outs of organizing pricing so that you find what fits you best.


professional organizer working with a client.

Hourly Rate Pricing

First let's check the most common and simple one: hourly rate. Many organizing professionals charge an hourly rate for their services. This structure is straightforward, making it easy for clients to understand how their investment is allocated against time.

Using this pricing structure you get to pay by the time and the experience a home organizer uses while she works on your project. The more experience the organizer has the more they charge by the hour. There is no exact number, but it can vary from $30/hour-$200/hr.

Pros: Simpler to see how much you’re spending or can afford as you go.

Flexibility: Pay as you go, based on the time spent.

Ideal for: Smaller projects or ongoing maintenance.

Cons: Total cost might vary, making budgeting less predictable.

You need to supervise a bit more and be very involved with the planning of the project. 

  • It can get expensive if you delay making decisions or make the wrong decisions when creating organizing systems. 

  • If the professional organizer works slower than others, you may be paying more.

  • Needs more attention from you to keep the project on schedule.

Variables: The hourly rate may vary based on the organizer's experience, location, and the complexity of the organizing tasks. For instance, tackling a cluttered basement might have a different rate compared to organizing a small home office.


team of professional organizers. Organizing company

Package Pricing

Now, if you’re someone who loves a well-thought-out plan, package deals are like a curated menu for your organizing needs. Think of it as a delightful journey—you know all the details, the price, and there are zero surprises. Some organizers offer package deals, where clients pay a set fee for a predetermined number of hours or sessions. This approach provides clients with a clear understanding of the overall cost upfront. It also outlines other included things such as supplies, labels, standard containers, etc.

Organizers and clients may opt for project-based pricing, where the fee is determined by the overall scope and complexity of the organizing project. This structure is often used for larger-scale or long-term projects. Oftentimes, organizing companies—like JO Organizing—use a team of professional organizers to execute faster and finish complex projects i.e. entire-home organizing or packing & unpacking projects, especially for the amount of work that needs to be done, but tighter deadlines.

Pros: This pricing structure has a lot of benefits if you want to tackle many areas quickly. It also has benefits in regards to:

  • Transparency. You know what you will pay regardless of the complexity of the project.

  • Less supervision as the projects are driven by professional lead organizers.

  • Makes hiring and decision making easier and faster.

Flexibility: Some organizers allow customization others don’t. Make sure you ask for all that is and is not included. 

Ideal for: Bigger projects with a lot of areas i.e. entire-home organization, packing & unpacking, business/office organization.

Cons: Less customization and a bit more expensive than hourly rates. If the package includes more time than needed, it may feel less economical. Clients might be hesitant for larger projects without a clear endpoint.

Variables: Package pricing can be influenced by the size of the space, the scope of the project, and the specific needs of the client. Additional services or hours beyond the package may be available at an extra cost.


professional organizer at work with a container

Project-Based Pricing

Unlike the previous two pricing structures we reviewed, project-based pricing focuses more on a complete makeover. Regardless of the sessions, days  and professional organizers that take to complete the project. This pricing runs uninterruptedly until it gets done. Normally the investment and commitment is bigger. Often used in garage organization or big house projects.

Pros: Allows you to tackle bigger projects faster with a final and unchangeable price.

Flexibility: None. Once it is quoted, the price won't change. You also can’t add extra services. 

Cons: Some professional organizing companies won’t allow changes to the quotes given. Bigger investment either on time or duration. Determining a fixed cost can be challenging for evolving projects.

Variables: The size of the project, the number of areas involved, and the level of detail required all contribute to the final cost. Additionally, factors such as travel time and special organizational tools may be factored into the project-based fee.


Two Professional coming into a clients home with containers in their hands.

Retainer Fees

Some organizers charge a retainer fee, which is a non-refundable upfront payment to secure their services. The remaining balance is then billed after the completion of the organizing project. This pricing structure reserves the right to use the talents and skills of a professional organizer or a team of PO’s in a period of time, it can be weekly—normally monthly— quarterly or yearly. This is great for busy people who want to keep their areas tidy and well organized all-year-round. It can be also economical if used in combination with other pricing structures such as project-based and packages. For example, a client may invest in a packing and unpacking package that costs them $10K and then switch to a monthly maintenance organizing session of $250 in order to keep their home organized.

Pros: Adaptable to your needs and schedule. You can plan ahead and never worry about maintaining things organized. You don’t have to look and hire a different organizer every time.

Flexibility: Very flexible. It can combine with other services to help you simplify and save money.

Variables: The retainer fee is often influenced by the organizer's reputation, demand, and the complexity of the client's schedule. It serves as a commitment from both parties to move forward with the organizing process.

Cons: Not so effective if you don’t have a complete home organizing project done previously as it will take more time to make progress costing you more money in the long run. Having a Non-Refundable fee may be a barrier for some people. Clients may feel rushed to fill the reserved time.


Professional Organizing Pricing comparison table


Understanding the various pricing structures and variables in the organizing industry empowers you to make informed decisions about your investment to have a clutter-free and simplified living home. Whether it's an hourly rate, package deal, project-based fee, or retainer, the key is finding the pricing structure that aligns with your unique lifestyle, needs and budget. Remember, the goal is not just an organized home but a life where simplicity becomes a source of joy.

Jo, Professional Organiziner @ JO

Johamy Enciso

Professional Organizer

If you need help organizing, my team and I can help you. We serve the Dallas - Fort Worth and Salt Lake City - Provo Metroplexes.

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