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Meet your team of pro organizers!

Learn a little more about the wonderful people who will be organizing your home!



My name is Johamy, Jo for short! I grew up in Houston, Texas then went to study Elementary Education at Brigham Young University. A year before finishing I got married in Houston then moved to Dallas. My husband and I wanted to start a family so we had 4 kids in less than 3 years!


During those years when our children were very little I found a true passion for organization. I experienced so many benefits while organizing. I wanted others to feel those same benefits as well! That's why I started my business! I am on a mission to help others feel and experience the same benefits that I saw with organization.



My name is Angela! I was born in Colombia and have lived in a few states throughout the years.


I have called Fort Worth my home for 14 years. I love learning new crafts, some of which include basketweaving, sewing, fitness, and cooking. I also study physical therapy and personal training when I'm not spending time with family or organizing with my team!


I began organizing my friends' and families' spaces and loved helping people in my life find peace in their own homes. My favorite area to organize is the closet, as clothes are some of peoples' most prized possessions, and I love to see people have full use and appreciation of their wardrobe. 



Hello, I’m Jennifer! I’m from Houston, Texas. My family and I moved here in 2020 because my husband got a permanent Air Force job in Fort Worth. We love it here!


Some of my hobbies include crafting, sewing, home decor, organizing , swimming, bike rides, hanging out with my two kiddos, and playing with our dog and three cats!


I have always enjoyed getting organized - I remember spending many Saturday mornings as a child reorganizing my mom’s closet, our junk drawer, and cabinets! I really started appreciating it more when I had my last daughter. I stayed home with her for two years, this gave me a lot of time to really declutter and create good organization systems! 



Justice Simmons was born and raised here in Texas. She loves seeing the extraordinary transformation a clean, organized home can make! Driven by a passion for organizing, she takes pride in providing functional and satisfying areas to utilize.


Her favorite areas to arrange are pantries and bathrooms. As a home organizer, her goals include delivering an area that is both functional and pleasing to look at, making your home feel like a welcoming and peaceful area to live in. 



Holly Brady is an entrepreneur, who holds a Bs in psychology, and thrives in an environment where she is helping others. She loves teaching, and has worked with special needs children in the past.


Holly has a passion for music, the arts, and psychology. As a mother of four, she loves creating spaces that are organized and manageable, to maximize its efficiency.

Where many see a mess, we see an organizing-paradise.

Organizing helps. And when JO did it, the results were not just good: they last. That’s the best part about her system. Sustainable space helps those of us who struggle maintain the beautiful results. And she’s fast!

- Mary Ann Taylor